Today Kerala Lottery Result Announced: First Prize Winner is From Alappuzha

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Kerala Lottery Today Result Announced the first prize winner is from alappuzha district.the department of lottery kerala announced just now.Today (18-09-2020) Kerala lottery draw number is Nirmal NR 191 it gives Rs Six Lakhs for the first prize winner

Kerala people celebrate every with a huge money prize by winning lotteries. The Kerala lottery is famous all over southern India for attractive prize money. Every lottery participant gets at least 100 rupees prize money. Do you know how much a winner gets? it’s about nearly ten lakhs every day. Kerala lottery department announces the lottery results in Gorky Bhavan’s first building. Its a festival like a crowd every day in the bakery junction road because of the draw process.lots of website and media people waiting to release the results online every day in the streets of Thiruvananthapuram. We have a special staff appointed for the Kerala lottery result section who living near the bakery junction so he is the one who gets the result first. So we are the ones who post the results online first. Please stay with us until 3 pm and get the Kerala lottery result today Nirmal Nr 191 result update first

Kerala Lottery Live Results Today

The Draw Process started now, the officals of kerala lottery department done the pre draw process and signed the authorization sheets. The result board is opend now and it show the today date (18.9.2020) and today draw name (Nirmal Lottery NR 191)

kerala lottery result today chart

18.9.2020Nirmal Weekly Lottery NR 191View Results Now
16.9.2020Akshaya AK 463Download Result Now
12.9.2020Karunya KR 462
10.9.2020Karunya Plus KN 333
08.9.2020Sthree Sakthi SS 224
04.9.2020Nirmal NR 189

Kerla Lottery Today Prize Chart

1st Prize– Rs. 70,00,000/ –
Consolation Prize– Rs. 8,000/ :
2nd Prize– Rs. 10,00,000/-
3rd Prize– Rs. 1,00,000/-
4th Prize– Rs. 5,000/-
5th Prize– Rs. 1,000/-
6th Prize– Rs. 500/-
7th Prize– Rs. 100/-
8th Prize– Rs. 000/-


There is lot of confusion on the date of kerala lottery draw result here is the offically announced dates for kerala lottery upcoming draws

Lottery NameDateTime
Sthree Sakthi SS 22822-9-20203Pm
Karunya Plus KN 35524-9-20203Pm
Karunya KR 46626-9-20203Pm
Win Win W 58328-9-20203Pm
Akshaya AK 46530-9-20203Pm
Nirmal Lottery NR 19516-10-20203Pm

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